Gorgeous Earth Friendly Furniture

Gorgeous Earth Friendly Furniture

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Written by the talented Jeanette JOY Fisher |  Jul 7, 2017 |  Interior Design

Handcrafted Furniture Uses Old Wood from Dismantled Homes.

The owner of Save The Planet Furniture has been in the wood industry for over 20 years. His passion and work led him to travel the world to find rare-quality A wood to be used to make wonderful wood furniture delivered to your door. Among all of his traveling, the issue of the Amazonia becoming smaller and smaller mixed with the extinction of million of species really came to his attention, as inhabitants of South America were becoming more conscious about a real disaster happening right under their eyes.

Handcrafted Furniture Saves the Planet one Tree at a Time

This tragedy is what led Save The Planet Furniture to come to life. The whole idea behind the company was to still manufacture furniture but with reclaimed wood. The challenge was to create amazing, long-lasting, and stand out pieces while still having the quality of an exquisite wood. The link between these two concepts is summarized in a single, simple and magical word: PEROBA.

Peroba wood is a rare South-American native hardwood that has become endangered and only recently protected.

Peroba’s sturdiness, durability, and aesthetic have led South Americans woodworkers to use it for nearly everything: from houses to barn to frames to furniture. Its convenience of access as well as its qualities are the reasons why the majority of old South American houses were made from Peroba. However, these houses over 100 years old are being torn down and replaced by newer structures to better suit inhabitants. By demolishing these worn-out houses, tremendous amounts of wood were being discarded and wasted.

The owner of Save the Planet Furniture, knowing exactly how to estimate wood, realized the potential of this wood that at first seemed valueless. Coming across wood pieces that are between 100 to 200 years old is extremely rare, making them highly sought after; the aging process has turned the wood into the best version of itself, the wood almost becomes petrified, giving it a distinctive and wonderful colors. Wood is not even the right way of defining the material as its age turned it into an Antique piece.

Once the idea that this wood could be used, the team of Save the Planet Furniture knew that the wood would have to be treated followed by a lengthy hand waxing process to provide a smooth and long-lasting finish to the furniture that would be made out of this already cut down trees. Here is what inspired the name of this company: reclaiming wood still provides customers with one of the best types of wood while preserving the Rain Forest, which needs our help now more than ever before.

All the colors of the furniture were kept from the houses and barns they came from: nothing was changed. Through the process of furniture making, Save The Planet wanted to respect the history of the wood being used, hence preserving the soul and history of each piece. Their Peroba wood antiques were weathered and aged naturally over time, and their team worked around those in order to make each piece unique, singular and authentic. Each color, nick, nail-mark, and natural streak were intentionally preserved making a replication process impossible.

These luxurious and self-conscious home furnishings are what make Save the Planet Furniture different.  


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